We offer the best

For many years we have been promoting various global brands to the Ukrainian market. It's time to put the best products under ours. The name Nanopol and Nanopol Plus are not easy to name. All products under these brands have been tested by many masters for many years and received positive feedback from them. Therefore, we can honestly state the quality of our products.

Our brands Nanopol and Nanopol Plus include the following products:

  • Putties: Nanopol Plus,

  • Primer 1K and 2K

  • Clear Coat

  • Paints base and acrylic

  • Polishes and polishing accessories

  • Maintenance materials: cleaning and cleaning products

  • Auto cosmetics for interior and exterior.

  • Abrasives from famous brands

  • Masking materials

We are always happy to assist you in the selection of car repair and maintenance products. Provide professional advice.

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Partnership offer

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All terms of cooperation are discussed individually to the needs and suggestions of the two parties.