Our brands Nanopol and Nanopol Plus include the following products:

  • Putties: Nanopol Plus,

  • Primer 1K and 2K

  • Clear Coat

  • Paints base and acrylic

  • Polishes and polishing accessories

  • Maintenance materials: cleaning and cleaning products

  • Auto cosmetics for interior and exterior.

  • Abrasives from famous brands

  • Masking materials

We are always happy to assist you in the selection of car repair and maintenance products.


ADI UPP - a new level of your profit from the European quality standard ADI UPP - a novelty in the market of automotive paints and varnishes of Ukraine. This is a comprehensive line of paints and consumables for car repairs. A distinctive feature of ADI UPP materials is their high quality at an affordable price. This is due to the fact that these materials, made in Europe (90% of products are made in Italy), do not have a marketing markup and are products of the union concluded between organizations, more than 15 years working in the production and sale of paints and varnishes in Europe. (Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia), USA, Canada, Israel. Production from professionals made it possible to provide high quality materials directly from the manufacturer, taking into account the requirements of the modern market. ADI UPP paint system contains all the necessary materials for the full cycle of painting the car and includes: selection system, varnishes, paints and primers, putties, solvents, cleaners, repair systems for plastics, sealants, anti-gravel coating, polishing pastes and other consumables for paint and varnish works.