ADI UPP Full​​​​​​​

Universal putty FULL Filling, coarse-grained putty, intended for repair of metal elements of cars, application for production of models from which matrices and forms from polystyrene pitches will be removed later is possible. For example: yacht hulls, bathtubs and shower trays. Can be applied in thick layers up to 5 mm. Method of application - Mix the putty in the package thoroughly before use. Spread the required amount on a clean and dry surface and mix with the hardener BPO in the proportion of 100g of putty to 2-3g. hardener. It is necessary to watch accuracy of a proportion of mixing as at its change there is either change of color of a surface varnish, or gluing of abrasive material.
Color - beige Density - 1,92 kg / l Neutral fillers - 70%

ADI UPP Extra Light​​​​​​​

Polystyrene filling putty, contains glass microgranules, which are characterized by low dead weight. Perfectly sanded even 3 days after curing. Putty is 35% lighter than ordinary filling putty. Ideal for long-term repair or repair of moving parts of the car body. How to use: the base must be dry, clean, degreased and matte. Putty should be well mixed with the hardener in the amount of 2-3% by weight of the hardener BPO, and applied to the base for about 5 min at 20 ° C. Higher temperatures shorten the shelf life of the product and accelerate the curing process. CAUTION: An overdose of hardener can cause discoloration of the surface varnish. It is not recommended to use the product at temperatures below 15ºC. The product is intended for professional use. The color is beige